Castrol GTX 5W-30 A1
Superior sludge protection for greater engine reliability”


Description of Castrol GTX 5W-30 A1
Castrol GTX is one of the world's most trusted motor oils. It's more than just oil. It's liquid engineering that protects against problems, like sludge, that your engine faces every day. Severe driving conditions such as every day stop-and-go/stop-start traffic, harsh weather conditions and extended drain intervals, can all cause the build-up of a thick, tar-like substance called sludge. You can't see this sludge build-up but it can damage your engine's performance and cause premature engine failure. Protect your car from harmful sludge build-up with Castrol GTX.


Application of Castrol GTX 5W-30 A1
Castrol GTX 5W-30 A1 is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA A1/B1, ACEA  A5/B5, API SL or earlier specification 5W-30 lubricant. Castrol GTX 5W-30 A1 is suitable for use in Ford vehicles that require a 5W-30 lubricant that meets Ford WSS-M2C913-D or previous specification.



Castrol GTX 5w-30 A1

  • Product Performance Claims
    ACEA A1/B1, A5/B5

    API SL

    Meets - Ford WSS-M2C913-A/ WSS-M2C913-B/ WSS-M2C913-C/ WSS-M2C913-D