Castrol GTX Professional A1 5W-30
Liquid Engineering


Description of Castrol GTX Professional A1 5W-30
Castrol GTX is one of the world's most trusted motor oils It's more than just oil - it's Liquid Engineering that protects against the problems that your engine faces every day - like high temperature wear. Castrol GTX Professional A1 5W-30 is developed and delivered to you to the highest possible standards of lubricant engineering.


Advantages of Castrol GTX Professional A1 5W-30

  • 50% better high temperature wear protection than the toughest ACEA standards
  • Superior viscosity control and protection against thermal breakdown
  • Engineered to cool, clean and protect. Made from premium quality base oils. Specifically formulated for maximum fuel economy

Castrol GTX Professional A1 5w-30

  • Product Performance Claims
    ACEA A1/B1

    API SL

    ILSAC GF-3

    Meets Ford WSS-M2C-913B