Castrol Power 1 2T
Clean Burn Formula


Description of Castrol Power 1 2T
Castrol Power 1 2T is superior part synthetic 2-Stroke engine oil. Its unique Clean Burning Formula makes it especially suitable for use in 2 Stroke vehicles delivering long lasting performance and superior engine cleanliness.


Application of Castrol Power 1 2T
Castrol Power 1 2T exceeds JASO FD and ISO-L-EGD. It is recommended for all 2-Stroke models of motorcycles and scooters.


Advantages of Castrol Power 1 2T

  • Keeps key engine components clean and free from carbon deposits.
  • Protects from seizure under most arduous riding conditions. 
  • Allows fast and easy cold start.
  • Ensures low level of exhaust smoke.

Castrol Power1 2T

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