Castrol POWER1 XR 77
Ultimate 2T Racing engine oil
Castrol POWER1 XR 77 is the ultimate pre-mix only racing 2-stroke engine oil based on fully synthetic technology.
Application of Castrol POWER1 XR 77
Castrol POWER1 XR 77 is an oil specifically developed for pre-mix use in racing 2-stroke motorcycle and kart engines. It is not suitable for normal driving on roads, or for use in Auto-lube systems


Advantages of Castrol POWER1 XR 77

  • High lubricity formulation to prevent seizure in high-speed conditions - allows tuners to lean out their engines to a maximum
  • Provides sustained engine power throughout the race.
  • Visible spark plug and piston crown deposits to enable fine race tuning - high levels of deposits and good tones giving excellent readability on all unleaded fuels.
  • Wet weather throttle lubrication - Castrol POWER1 XR 77 is formulated to prevent throttle slide sticking during wet conditions.
  • Ease of mixing with racing gasoline - and minimal effect on the octane rating of high performance fuels allowing maximum engine compression.


Castrol Power1 XR 77